We all know it when we see it. Starting with the opening words to the very last words, we can’t stop reading it. It is writing that masterfully pulls us down the page. It intrigues us. The words tell an above average, even a great, story. We feel good as we read it. After we have consumed the last word, we bookmark it. Then we share it with our friends. We find out, we are not the only one who derived great pleasure from it either. Then you notice, at the bottom of the post, tons of comments; a gazillion social shares. People are praising the writer.

This is the world of remarkable content. Now and then you have seen awesome writing like this, right? Content that creates reputations and builds businesses.

Did it happen because it contained some amazing SEO tactic? Was it the result of some secret strategy whipped out just to create quick traffic surges? Not a bit. That stuff doesn’t actually matter as much as you’d think. WHAT the topic was isn’t the secret. No, the secret was HOW it was written.

There is a science to creating unforgettable content. As long as you have all the right ingredients, you only have to put them together and you will create amazing content every time.

Of course, no two pieces of remarkable content are the alike. But every extremely successful piece of writing must have a few key components . To create viral content here is what you bneed:

Your content must be relevant. You need to be writing content your audience wants to read. Again, you must write what your audience wants. The rest of the world doesn’t find something interesting just because you do. Your readers will quickly and eagerly read your work when you write content your readers care about.

You must make your topic helpful. All really great content solves a problem. Information is just a small part of great content. Great content is about much more than the information it presents. It is primarily about getting your audience the results they want. You need to be solving a problem by presenting information in a manner that can be used immediately. It should always include action steps for your readers to follow. That makes the content helpful to them right then and there if they want to use it.

It is very important to keep it organized. If it isn’t organized even the best content won’t be read. Your ideas should be organized so that they flow in a logical progression. If your writing is jumbled and disorganized you can’t expect a reader to muddle through it to the end. They won’t, they will simply go on to the next business.

You also need to make it personal. By that we mean don’t hide your personality, your beliefs. Being yourself will create a personal connection with your audience. Tastefully show a sense of humor from time to time; make a joke every so often. People will move on if your writing lacks a personal touch. Tell a story or two when appropriate. You will stand out more, the more real you are.

Always make your content engaging. Really great writing is like a really great conversation. It has some give and take in it. If your content is remarkable, it will prompt people to share their comments, thoughts and feedback; it promotes an exchange. You share and your readers share, so that soon they feel like you are a friend.

You also need to make your content as detailed as possible. Don’t overwhelm, but do include all of the information your readers need. Give your readers specific action steps they can follow, don’t just rehash vague advice. You might even include word-for-word email scripts they can try. Everything your readers need should be in your content. That makes it easy for your readers to implement your ideas. Making it easy is critical.

Finally, remarkable content has to be unique. We aren’t saying you have to be the first person ever to write about a topic. You just need to shine a new light on an old idea. Give your readers a fresh approach and your content will resonate with them.

So, remarkable content has some key components that shouldn’t be ignored. Include them, and your content will attract, convert, close and delight.

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