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Jeff Elder is phenomenal to work with. I hired him to redesign my website. Not only did he do that, but he made sure that I built the kind of site I needed for my particular business.

He is an incredible listener, very patient, and a great encourager. He coached me through the entire process. He also coached me to utilize my website as an integral part of my sales funnel, which I was completely ignorant about.

Jeff really knows inbound marketing and web design. He is a continual student and an expert. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Jeff!

-Chris McClure, Lead Life Big, Coach

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Jeff’s humanistic approach to marketing and sales is consistent with Center for Managing Change’s philosophy. His informative, inbound marketing approach helps insure clients see clearly the benefit of selected services. Personally, Jeff is a great person and a good sounding board for new ideas and determining if they are worth pursuing.

– Gary Monti, Center for Managing Change, Owner

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Jeff is a true expert in his field! He has been a valuable consultant for me with regards to inbound marketing, content marketing, and translating those strategies into my website. Jeff is a great educator and trainer, who makes the complex tech stuff simple!

I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to create an online marketing strategy to attract more visitors, and increase sales.

Chris Borja, Become A Better Networker

While building my parent coaching business I heard how important funnels are for marketing and growth. To be honest, it seemed like just “one more thing” to add to my ever growing to-do list of things to figure out. Jeff generously offered a free consultation call and it was one of the most productive calls I’ve ever had!

Jeff listened to my goals for expanding my reach. He paid attention when I explained my struggles with trying to figure out this whole funnel thing. He then went to work on making it all so much easier. He took a specific example of how I interact with others, broke it down into steps with details of what each step needs, then he put it all together into a beautiful map which made everything make sense! (I’m a visual learner so that map is on my wall to reference at any time!)

Jeff is brilliant at teaching about funnels and using your email and social media to your best advantage. He made up a plan for me that doesn’t feel salesy or pushy because it’s all based on service to my clients. That’s it. No sneaky marketing plots or anything, just nurturing in a way that serves them.

Quite honestly, his methods also reflect Jeff as a person! He is kind, generous, a great listener, and he’s so easy to work with. If you’re like me and you would rather spend your time working with your dream clients instead of wasting more time figuring out this marketing stuff, then you need Jeff Elder and SyncThree on your team!

– Amy Ambrozich, Parent and Stepfamily Coach, Dare to Parent

After working with Jeff on revamping my branding and creating a new website, several points come to mind that make Sync Three different to work with and stand out from others. 1. Jeff took the time to really listen and get to know me, my objectives, my clients that I want to reach, and my ongoing mission. 2. Jeff is very knowledgeable and creative, yet humble and a pleasure to work with. 3. Because of the time well-spent at the beginning of the process, his work reflected ‘me’ and my enterprise. Needless to say, I recommend Sync Three to everyone that is looking for quality strategic marketing that connects their mission and solution to the problems and desires of their prospective clients.

– Renee Vidor, Simply Enrich, Author, speaker, coach

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I need a company that listens and has a vested interest in helping me serve and add value to my clients. Working with Jeff Elder and Sync Three has provided me with a level of clarity and direction I need to execute my inbound marketing strategy with certainty. When creating the Game Plan for my inbound strategy, I was impressed by Jeff’s process and approach and his ability to listen, ask the right questions, listen some more and then distill my needs and goals into actionable steps that make strategic sense. Working with Jeff has been well worth the investment.

– Joel Kessel, Kessel Communications, Owner

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One of the biggest challenges I faced was going to be around content. I really had no idea how I was going to write, develop or organize my content. What I got from hiring Jeff, was someone who truly understood the process of content. Jeff’s knowledge of how to write, organize and develop relevant content that drive results is invaluable. Learn from him and implement what he teaches, it helped me and I know it will help you as well.

– Lisa Moser, Author, coach, speaker